Canada to USA cross border shipping

Our Big Wheels Keep Rolling Too

Every carrier has a niche and as a freight management company utilizing hundreds of carriers, we do too. The 26 states east of the Mississippi represents about 60% of the USA’s population. It’s one of our regional strengths and keeps our wheels and your freight moving, on a daily basis. Two states are both east and west of the mighty river (Louisiana and Minnesota) and we serve them all.

USA manufacturers and distribution centres throughout the eastern states have a high volume of freight going to Ontario and Quebec centres...our home court. We are very familiar with transborder shipping and the related documentation, customs and security issues involved.

We serve the ports, rail yards and shipping docks throughout the eastern states and utilize all equipment types from flat decks to logistics equipped 53’ refrigerated vans. We take a direct drive approach and ship all commodities to and from all major centres.